Mini Diggers

Takeuchi Mini DiggerWe offer a range of mini diggers from 0.8 Tonne to 5 Tonne. We primarily use the Takeuchi Mini Digger, models TB125, TB135 and TB145, due to their performance and reliability.

Mini Diggers are hired with 3 buckets of various sizes and capabilities as standard but we also have a selection of buckets of various sizes available – to meet your specific requirements.

Mini Digger Attachments

All Mini Diggers come with a variety of (optional) attachments – at no extra cost:

1. Grab/Grapple Head - useful for loading various items - as demonstrated in video footage below. Particularly useful in the handling/loading of hay, timber or any heavy object.

2. Hedge Cutting Attachment - ideal for cutting/trimming hedging or trees in a confined area as demonstrated in video footage below. Designed to cut up to 40mm. It allows the operator better access to those hard to get places like behind fences and allows the operator to cut close to and around obstacles such as telephone poles offering greater versatility.

3. Rock Breaker – for breaking rock or hard ground.

4. Garden Rake – for all your landscaping/gardening needs.

5. Shoreing bucket – for drainage.


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